DIY Mini Smart Cat Tracking Robot

DIY Mini Smart Cat Tracking Robot
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The shape of our Mini-Cat smart car is based on a cute kitten-based model. The unique, cute and funny cartoon shape motivates the enthusiasm of children to learn basic component knowledge, circuit knowledge and soldering skills.

?Wide - Application?

Smart robot cars are widely used in schools, DIY makers, and electronics enthusiasts for helping them to learn about the soldering project knowledge of mechanical structure, electronic basis skills, the principle of the sensor, basic automatic control, soldering skill and so on

?Easy Assembly?

We provide detailed instructions and electronic. It is very simple to build line tracking robot car according to electronic materials and instructions.

?Its Principle?

As the light reflectivity is different when the light is emitting on the white and black items. It uses the photo resistance resistance to tell the smart car is on the right way or not. Smart tracking car can discriminate the direction automatically that it can run freely along the black tracking line.

?Design Your Runway?

You can also use the 1.5~2.0 cm black electrical tape directly on the ground to design the complex runway. No matter how the runway is bent, the car can be driven automatically. It would be even more fun!

?Detailed Material?

Every parts and English instruction of the smart car kits in the package, you should not worry about it even you are a new electronics starter.