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About Us

Afribot is your product development partner. We focus on the entire product development lifecycle: from concept to market launch. Afribot's knowledge, resources, expertise and all in-house facilities allow our clients to develop and expand their businesses at a faster pace.

Industries we serve

We have clients in a variety of industries ranging from consumerables to industrial automation.

Industrial Manufacturing

Today companies in the industrial manufacturing sector are forced to adapt to the new business environment. The emergence of new products, materials, and technologies requires improvements in production processes and equipment. In addition, a sustainable society requires efficient use of raw materials, reduced emissions, and improved waste reuse. Modern manufacturing must respond quickly to these challenges while remaining cost-effective and safe.The industry trend among manufacturing companies is to use advanced digital technology, the Internet of Things, robots, and various automation tools to minimize human involvement, speed up changeover processes and eliminate downtime.


Healthcare is an example of a fast-growing and dynamic industry that absorbs new technologies and digitilizes rapidly. The development and use of innovative methods are beneficial clinically and economically. Thus, the introduction of modern technology into the daily doctors’ practice ensures faultless diagnosis of patients, enables equipment to produce results with high accuracy, and makes medical care more accessible and responsive.

Agritech & Foodtech

Over the past decade, the process of growing food has become as precise and technologically advanced as, for example, the production of self-driving cars. Yet, at the same time, modern society is becoming increasingly aware of how much food habits affect health, quality of life and climate changes. We can highlight the most striking global trends in the industry: 1. the development of agro-technology and new ways of growing crops; 2. local cultivation and healthy consumption; 3. increasing demand for "smart" personalized food; 4. changes in eating habits based on technology; 5. development of functional food; 6. cultivation of natural products with little or no human involvement.


The consumer electronics & wearables market is rapidly developing, what is caused by the growing demand for devices such as smartwatches, trackers, augmented reality glasses, wireless headphones, portable PCs, and many devices that make our everyday life more comfortable. The relationship between man and technology has been especially strengthened during the pandemic since technology has played a crucial role in improving our lives to keep in touch with relatives and take care of our health.

Analytical & Lab

Analytical lab equipment includes a wide range of tools to analyze materials and define the properties of technical systems. Due to the rapid technological progress, research and development in this market are vital for manufacturers. They need to improve their quality and processes to stay competitive. It is impossible without reliable data obtained during testing. Testing procedures should be performed as precisely as possible. For this reason, equipment should reduce the human factor and be able to carry out complex experiments without deviations.

Industrial IoT

The main distinguishing feature of IIoT is the intersection of information technology (IT) and operational technologies (ОТ). A few examples of current and future IIoT technologies and concepts are the following. Digital twins are computer models of an object, such as a machine, a human organ, or a process, such as the weather. By studying the counterpart's behavior, it is possible to understand and predict the behavior of the actual object and solve problems before they occur. Electronic Logging Device (ELD) - built-in sensors monitor speed, driving time, and how often individual drivers use the brakes. ELD saves fuel, improves driver safety, and increases resource efficiency. Intelligent computing systems outside the data center are systems where data is generated, analyzed, interpreted, and used. Using innovative technology means faster analysis and reduced data interception or steal risks. Predictive maintenance is a system that receives data from a machine or component with sensors. The device collects and transmits the data to the remote server. Then the system analyses that data and stores it in a database. This database provides comparison points for events as they occur. This system eliminates unnecessary maintenance and prevents failures. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology includes tags and readers, such as an intelligent version of barcode technology. Readers can identify RFID tags using radio waves, which means that multiple devices can read tags over longer distances than traditional UPCs. As a result, RFID tags make it easy to track and monitor any items. IIoT does not replases but supports automation solutions.

Our Services

We focus on the entire product development lifecycle: from concept to market launch.

Product Development

Feasibility Studies and Design Thinking Service & Product Strategy.

Engineering & Product RnD

Mechanical Engineering, Custom Electronics Development, Firmware development, Electrical Engineering and Design for Manufacturing(DFM).

Hardware and Software Design and Development

We build scalable, cross-platform software applications as well as complex hardware design

Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping, Proof of concept prototyping.

Technical Consultation

We offer technical consultation services to help you build your product.

Computer Simulations

We help you predict occurrences when building your product e.g. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions for us?

The majority of specialists are of middle or senior levels. Their range of influence is broad enough to encompass the entire new product lifecycle. Our specialists resolve legal and certification difficulties during the concept stage, optimize production costs during the 3D model development process and create necessary documentation for firmware support. Juniors make up only 15% of the team. They constantly upgrade their qualifications under the supervision of seniors.

AfriBot is always willing to work with its client. We have everything we need to create a collaborative site. Both parties can work on the project simultaneously. The Customer, for instance, and his/ her team designs the electronics while we work on the enclosure. When teams work together to achieve a fantastic result, it is always a win scenario.

Yes. As a highly professional design and engineering firm, we make sure that all discussions with our clients and all information regarding your invention, idea and other proprietary information are kept confidential.

Our in-house professionals handle almost all electronics work, including interface design, protocol development, communication design, schematic design, PCB Design, Firmware design and battery management. If the Customer requires a service that AfriBot does not supply, we have partners that can meet that need.

We certainly do. AfriBot employs electronics specialists who deal with low-level firmware. We also have experts on staff who can implement high-level software code.


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